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  Company Info - The R. D. Mathis Company specializes in the manufacture of hi-vacuum evaporation sources for the thin film coating and metalizing industries.  
Evaporation Materials

Evaporation MaterialsThe R.D. Mathis Company now offers a wide selection of High Purity, Vacuum Ready Evaporative Materials. Products include high purity evaporation materials in a variety of sizes. Gold, Silver, Nickel, Aluminum, Germanium, Titanium, Silicon Monoxide, etc are available in small pellet sizes, slugs, wire, rod, sheet or plate. These and other materials are available in a variety of purities, sizes and quantities. We also offer hard to find materials as well as well as some alloys to meet your specific needs.

We are continuing to expand our range of evaporation materials, if you do not see the material you are looking for, please contact our sales staff for availability and pricing. Visit our online store to view our current selection of evaporation materials.

Hi-vacuum evaporation sources

The R. D. Mathis Company offers a comprehensive selection of tungsten metalizing filaments to fit your thin film coating needs. Choose from tungsten coiled filaments, tungsten baskets, tungsten rod sources, point source,  loop filaments, or heater filaments. Tungsten filaments offer ease of use, low power requirements, large coverage area and low cost.  Most catalog parts are offered in single strand or multiple strand tungsten wire configurations with varying wire diameters. Custom designs are available.

Evaporation boat sources are ideal solutions to many thin film coating processes. In our catalog you will find an extensive selection of tungsten, molybdenum and tantalum evaporation sources to fit your coating needs. Capacities range from .1cc to over 5cc and can be used for low temperature as well as higher temperature evaporation materials. Most boat sources are offered in material thicknesses from .005" to .020" to fit your specific requirements. Evaporation Boats offer ease of use, high capacity, directional coatings, durability and low cost. Custom designs are available.

Alumina Coated Evaporation Sources
The R. D. Mathis Company offers alumina coated evaporation sources for some specific coating applications. The advantages of this type of source is good thermal transfer and the inertness of alumina with most metals. Also, the evaporant does not wet the alumina which eliminates resistance changes in the boat when the evaporant melts. Due to the non wetting characteristics the evaporant forms a sphere when melted, resulting in "point source" performance. The alumina coated evaporation source also provides longer life compared to the unprotected source.

Hi-vacuum evaporation sources

In many coating applications crucibles offer unique advantages to other types of evaporation sources. Larger capacities, easy loading and improved directional vapor patterns are just a few benefits. We offer a wide selection of quartz, alumina, boron nitride, graphite, molybdenum, tantalum and tungsten crucibles in various sizes. Custom crucible sizes are available in most materials as well as crucibles to fit your electron beam gun.

Crucible Heaters
If your thin film coating application requires the use of a crucible, then selecting the correct crucible heater can be just as important as the crucible itself. We offer tungsten basket heaters as well as shielded and double shielded crucible heaters. Our tungsten basket heaters provide an economical way to heat most crucibles using low amperage.  The shielded and double shielded crucible heaters are uniquely designed to increase thermal efficiency and allow you to reach higher, more uniform temperatures up to 1800°C. Heater life is increased, crucible fracture is reduced and your vacuum system is protected from excessive heat radiation. These offer high re-usability, superior thermal shielding and rigid construction. Custom crucible heater designs are available.

Box Sources
The R. D. Mathis Company offers box style evaporation sources that fit nearly any evaporation need. Open box sources as well as covered box sources are available in tungsten, molybdenum and tantalum materials and various thicknesses. Materials such as silicon monoxide and zinc sulphide have a tendency of "spitting" and "spalling" during evaporation. This can cause "pinholes" and other defects in your coating process. Our shielded and baffled box sources eliminate particulates from the vapor stream of these materials and therefore reduce defects. We offer large and small baffled box evaporation sources as well as custom designs that meet your requirements.

Evaporation equipment

LV400 and LV750 - Our "LV Series" low voltage, high current AC power supplies are uniquely designed for thermal evaporation. Available in either 4KW (800 amps @ 5volts) or 7.5KW (1,500 amps @ 5 volts), the conservative power ratings allow the units to run cool, while rugged construction and quality components make them reliable.

We also offer 250amp and 500amp power cables, cut to size, with a variety of terminal lugs (installed) to complete your power set-up.

GP100 - model gas purifier has been designed to fill the needs of research, development engineers and scientists as well as production staff to provide a lightweight, compact, low cost inert gas purification system. This unit operates off of standard cylinder gas to purify inert gases to ultra high purity levels and avoids the problem of cylinder walls outgassing during storage. This unit can be placed in operation in less than 1 hour, simply by connecting the inlet and outlet fittings and 110vac (or 220vac) electrical connection. The "GP100" has been shown to purify 99.8% argon gas to 99.9991% purity as part of a worst case test. While the unit was designed primarily for argon gas, it may be used for helium, xenon and neon.

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